Cylinder-head gaskets

Precision products for real workhorses.

Elring can supply gaskets of all types - metal layer, metal-elastomer and metal-soft material - individually matched to the requirements of each particular engine.

Cylinder-head gaskets (CHG) have a crucial role to play in the advancement of engine technology, particularly with respect to high-performance diesel engines and petrol engines with direct injection. Development work at ElringKlinger always focuses on the entire engine system. Around 45,000,000 cylinder-head gaskets are produced each year. Whatever the engine concept, we can provide the right sealing system accompanied by an engineering service to speed up the development process from the original idea to production standard.

Requirements for cylinder-head gaskets:

  • Gas-tight, coolant-tight, oil-tight
  • Ductile, no re-torque, low distortion
  • Resistant to chemical influences (combustion gas, lubricant/coolant)
  • Engine designs with optimised weight help to cut fuel consumption and emissions and result in higher diesel engine ignition pressures
  • Reduction in component stiffness through the use of light metals and thinner casting walls

Professional installation of the cylinder-head gasket.

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Cylinder-head gaskets are available in the following three designs:

All service informations on cylinder-head gaskets can be found here:

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