Packaging recycling

Some products now include labels indicating the appropriate disposal of packaging materials.

Product packaging is disposed of separately, both in private households and at industrial companies.
Example: Waste paper/cardboard is disposed of in a paper container so that used paper/cardboard can be recycled. The same applies to other packaging materials such as metal packaging or plastic packaging.

The aim is to collect as many used packaging materials as possible separately and to recycle them accordingly. In this way, resources can be conserved, waste can be recycled as effectively as possible, and environmental pollution caused by waste materials can be prevented.

In this context, the European Union issued a Directive (EU Packaging Directive 94/62/EC) to be incorporated into national law by each European member state by the end of 2024.

Below you will find details regarding proper disposal. In those cases in which national legislation already exists, please select your country. We will explain the appropriate sorting of packaging waste with the help of examples: