Elring honored as international TEMOT 2013 Supplier of the Year


Elring was presented with the "2013 Supplier of the Year" award at the TEMOT International Annual Executive Suppliers event, having managed to excel in a number of categories.

TEMOT International, a major cooperation that currently comprises more than forty companies operating in the automotive aftermarket sector, acknowledged Elring as its "2013 Supplier of the Year" at an event staged for 270 guests in Baveno, Italy, at the beginning of May. The company was recognized for its impressive performance in the categories of "Customer Relationships", "Local Market Development", "Product Portfolio" and "Logistics Services". "The award fills us with great pride and is a fitting recognition of our day-to-day work. Our thanks go to TEMOT International and all member companies," said a delighted Hans-Dieter Schwarz, Head of the Aftermarket division of ElringKlinger AG.

TEMOT International is one of the most successful and fastest-growing wholesale cooperations worldwide. Once a year, TEMOT International acknowledges its top suppliers with the coveted Supplier of the Year award.

The ceremony in Baveno was attended by Hans-Dieter Schwarz as well as Gunther Wolf (Elring Sales Manager Eastern Europe) and Dieter Pfeil (Elring Sales Manager Western Europe), who were presented with the award by Fotios Katsardis, CEO and President of TEMOT International. "The award is a powerful incentive for us to continue our work as a reliable partner to TEMOT International and all its shareholders," said Wolf.

From left to right: Janne Rouhunkoski, Business Development Manager TEMOT International, Dieter Pfeil, Elring Sales Manager Western Europe, Kai Guijo Müller, Business Development Director TEMOT International, Hans-Dieter Schwarz, Head of Aftermarket division at ElringKlinger AG, Thomas Kobudzinski, Business Development Director Commercial Vehicles TEMOT International, Gunther Wolf, Elring Sales Manager Eastern Europe, Fotios Katsardis, President and CEO TEMOT International

About Elring

The success of the "Elring - Das Original" brand is based on ElringKlinger AG's strong performance in the area of innovation and its OEM expertise. The company has established itself worldwide as the sought-after development partner and series supplier for cylinder-head and specialty gaskets, plastic housing modules and shielding components used in engines, transmissions, exhaust systems and underbodies. The ElringKlinger Group portfolio also includes components for lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells as well as exhaust gas purification systems and products made of the high-performance plastic PTFE. More than 6,700 employees at 42 locations worldwide ensure that the company's leading position in the area of technology is maintained.

The Elring aftermarket brand offers a comprehensive package: original equipment quality, functional reliability and an efficient, end-to-end service. Original Elring products are highly regarded among dealers, mechanics and customers around the globe.

About TEMOT International

TEMOT International is a leading strategic organisation and future-oriented partner of the automotive aftermarket industry. It was founded in 1994 in Germany by five shareholders expanding continuously ever since.

The organization consists today of 44 shareholders that operate in almost all major European countries, Israel, North and Central America, South America (Brazil), South Africa, Namibia and the Caucasus region as Warehouse Distributors in the independent aftermarket spare parts business.

TEMOT shareholders are among the brightest and best Automotive Aftermarket organisations in their geographical area of operation. They all operate at the first trade level providing a comprehensive range of products, services, systems and concepts. Their core business includes trade with spare parts, accessories, garage equipment, tools, engine parts, car paints, chemicals and body parts. In 2013/2014, Temot International shareholders grew by an average of 37% and produced an aggregate turnover of approx. 7 billion euros (all activities).

The TEMOT shareholders employ directly more than 25,000 people and have about 15,500 garages associated (directly or indirectly) to them through garage concepts. Regardless of their distribution model, all TEMOT International shareholders have a common goal: sustainable, profitable growth through high effectiveness and optimised efficiency.