Sealing Compounds

Guaranteed sealing action in all situations.

For passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, classic cars, racing cars or water sports: Wherever reliable component sealing is required, Elring can provide a comprehensive range of widely tried-and-tested products. These high-performance sealing components have proven their worth in both the professional and "do-it-yourself" sectors.

Elring sealing compounds such as Dirko, Curil and AFD can satisfy all requirements in terms of reliability, thermal stability, media resistance and practical use. Always on the safe side for sealing applications.

The latest sealing compounds can be found here.

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Technical and safety data sheets

The permanently-elastic, temperature-resistant sealing compound

Permanently-elastic, temperature-resistant, high-performance sealing compound from a pressurized can

Dirko™ S HT ProfiPress

PDF: Dirko™ S HT ProfiPress

The non-hardening, temperature-resistant sealing compound

The non-hardening, temperature-resistant sealing compound

The liquid, hardening sealing compound

The anaerobic surface seal

Threadlocker EL 2012 G | EL 2012 B


EL 2012 G | EL 2012 B

PDF: EL 2012 G

PDF: EL 2012 B